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I usually start planting seeds for my summer garden around Valentine’s Day. That’s just around the corner now. The first seeds I’m planting this year are celeriac and onions on Feb 17. That’s 11 weeks before my last spring frost (May 5). I’m going to plant a lot of onions, most I will donate to Aurelia’s Pantry  Garden.

I’m planting yellow onions: Cortland and Patterson. Red onions: Rossa Di Milano and Wethersfield Red. Shallots: Conservor, Ambition, Zebrune, and Crème Brûlée (BGS-270). Leeks: Mechelen Blue Green Winter and Bandit. And bunching onions: Red Beard. That’s a lot of shallots varieties. I’ll just try a few of each. But I plan to grow lots of onions and leeks!

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  • I plan to triple the amount of onions I grew last season. In my opinion, you can never have enough onions. They are great to dehydrate for onion powder and especially handy all chopped and frozen. I, too, live in Massachusetts and sow my onion seeds mid-February. This year it’s going to be Yellow Sweet Spanish, Walla Walla, Candy and Red Burgundy.

  • Oh, I’m so happy hearing this. The more onions the better. They get planted out in the garden 4 inches apart so you can fit LOTS in a bed! I’ve never dehydrated or frozen them. What a great idea. I always use them fresh, but I use them up in about 3 months. I should definitely be planting more.


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