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On Monday I prepared my mother’s vegetable garden. Last year I set it up as six or eight raised square areas. This year, it’s five raised rows. I like to raise the soil where I’m going to plant so the paths are defined and soil in the beds doesn’t get compressed. Also, so I can conserve on compost by just putting it where I’ll be planting.

It took me a couple hours to set up the rows and work in the compost. I first weeded the area, then used a shovel to roughly flatten the old beds. Next I shoveled dirt out of the paths and up into the raised rows. Then I layered on some nice composted manure from a local farm and dug it in. Finally I flattened the rows and paths with a garden rake.

My mom brought her chair out and sat with me for the last half of the project. We had a clear blue sky and perfect temperature. We kept our social distance because of the coronavirus, but even so, we had a nice chat and enjoyed the afternoon together – mostly talking about the beautiful soil and what to plant where.

It’s ready to go for planting now.

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