early seedlings

Starting Seeds

early seedlings IMG_1649

The planting season is starting up!!

I planted a bunch of greens to fill my winter tunnel since mice ruined my fall planting. I finished transplanting them today. They were growing 4 or 5 to a cell of a 6-pack, now they each have a cell to themselves. I hope to plant them out in the tunnel at the end of the month.

I started my regular garden planting a few days ago by planting a few asparagus seeds. They need to go in 13 weeks before the last frost. They are germinating (I hope) in a nice warm (78F) spot. My onions, scallion, leeks, celery, and celeriac will go in 11 weeks before the last frost – the week of February 16 (just over a week away!).

early seedlings IMG_1633  early seedlings IMG_1642

early seedlings IMG_1651  early seedlings IMG_1661

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