2018 planting list

Starting Seeds

I’ve started early with seed sowing this year since my winter tunnel was cleared out by a mouse (arrgh). I’ll replant it in late February with early seedlings. This will be my link for my seed sowing list for the year.


January 14, 2018 (planted indoors under lights for my winter tunnel)
Lettuce, Rhazes (red mini romaine)
Spinach, Emperor (semi savoy)
Escarole, Natacha (broad-leaved Batavian)

January 20, 2018 (planted indoors under lights for my winter tunnel)
Lettuce, Cherokee  (red summer crisp), Crispino (green iceberg), and Rouxai (red and green
Arugula (salad arugula)
Cabbage, Alcosa (green savoy)

February 3, 2018 (planted indoors under lights)
Asparagus, Mary Washington (green)

Feb 16, 2018 (I couldn’t find milk bottles to winter sow outside, so I put the planted trays into the freezer)
Milkweed, Common wild (hand collected seed)
New England wild Small White Aster (hand collected seed)

Feb 16, 2018 (indoors under lights)
Onions: Patterson
Bunching onions: Nabechan
Leeks: Bandit and Giant Musselburg
Celery: Tango
Celeriac: Brilliant
Artichoke: Tavor

Feb 28, 2018 (indoors under lights) 
Cabbage: Red Express and Murdoc
Endive: Dubuisson
Parsley: Italian Large Flat Leaf
Flowers: Katz Lavender Blue Stock

March 2, 2018 (indoors under lights) 
Beets: Boro and Detroit Dark Red
Eggplants: Orient Express, Hansel, and Barbarella
Peppers: Highlander, Shishito, Ace, Red Rocket, and Red Ember
Herbs: Chamomile, Lemon Mint, and Basil Tuscany
Marigold: Judy’s Giant African, Mission Giant Yellow, Tangerine Gem, Gem Mix, and Cottage
Snapdragon: Tall Deluxe Mix

March 16, 2018 (indoors under lights) 
Flowers: Tall Blue Planet Ageratum, Queen Mix Cleome, Royal Carpet Alyssum, Sweet
     Alyssum, Baby Blue Eyes, Dwarf Red Plains Coreopsis, Forget-Me-Nots, Halo Mix
     Hollyhocks, Laura Bush Petunia, Scarlet Sage, Purple Hyacinth Bean, Hopi Red Dye
     Amaranth, Florist Blue Boy Bachelor Buttons, Flashback Mix Calendula, Oopsi Daisy
     Calendula, and Benery’s Giant Mix Zinnia
Herbs: Mammoth Sweet Basil, Creeping Thyme

March 20, 2018 (indoors under lights) 
Bok Choi: Mei Qing Choi
Broccoli: Bay Meadows, Blue Wind, Happy Rich, and Piracicaba
Cauliflower: Snowball Y and Little Cloud
Mustard Greens: Ruby Streaks and Scarlet Frills
Lettuce: Salanova mix
Radicchio: Indigo

About March 24  
Peas: Oregon Giant Snow Pea, Fragrantissima Sweet Pea
Swiss Chard: Bright Lights
Tomatoes: Sun Gold, Orange Blossom, New Girl, Taxi, Pozzano, Pink Beauty, Polish Linguisa,
     Black Vernissage, Chef’s Choice Orange, Martha Washington, Carbon, Cherokee Purple,
     Opalka, True Black Brandywine, San Marzano Gigante 3, and Brandywine Suddoth’s

About March 31
Flowers: Klondyke Mix Yellow Cosmos, Heavenly Blue Morning Glory, Siberian Wallflower
Bok Choi: Win-Win
Broccoli: Diplomat, and Raab
Lettuce: Panisse

About April 10
Cilantro, Santo
Napa Cabbage: Mini Kisaku 50 and Minuet
Cucumbers: Max Pack, Salt and Pepper, Boothby’s Blonde, Diva, and Corinto
Lettuce: Salanova Mix
Gourd: Large Swan Neck
Winter Squash: Sunshine Kabocha, Rouge Vif D’Etampes, Yokohama, Waltham Butternut,
     and Honey Bear Acorn
Kale Sprouts: Kaleidoscope Mix

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