today’s garden work

Garden Work

We haven’t had a frost yet in my backyard garden, though many locations around us have frosted. Today I got a lot done:

– picked a big pile of beans, then pulled up and composted a row that is finished
– picked the last of my green tomatoes and peppers – we tried to pick them all a couple days ago when a frost threatened, but seems we didn’t get all of them in the dark with our flashlights
– harvested a watermelon, zucchinis, one tiny cucumber, and a couple small eggplants
– thinned four rows of carrots (we’ll have baby carrots for dinner tomorrow) and a couple of bulb fennel
– pulled up gourd and watermelon vines – into the compost bin
– not really garden work, but we roasted, peeled, and froze many chili peppers – also started drying down many small hot chilis – the garage smells quite pungent from the chilis in my dehydrator

Tomorrow: I’ll plant garlic at my community plot.

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