Skippy’s Vegetable Garden 2016 variety list

Garden Planning


Basil, Eleonora (downy mildew resistant)
Basil, Superbo
Basil, Dolce Fresca

Beans, green, Maxibel
Beans, green, Fortex
Beans, green, Jumbo
Beans, pole, Wax
Beans, pole, Shung Wang Chinese
Beans, pole, Gino’s Italien
Beans, shell, Jacobs Cattle
Beans, shell, Black Turtle

Beets, red, Merlin
Beets, red, Red Ace
Beets, pink, Chioggia
Beets, gold, Touchstone

Bok Choi, Mei Qing
Bok Choi, Win Win

Broccoli, Diplomat
Broccoli, Bay Meadows
Broccoli, Mini

Cabbage, napa, Mini Kisaku
Cabbage, savoy, Alcosa
Cabbage, red, Red Express

Carrots, Bolero
Carrots, Oxheart
Carrots, Nelson

Celeriac, Brilliant

Cilantro, Calypso

Collards, Flash

Cucumber, pickling, white, Miniature White
Cucumber, pickling, wilt resistant, H-19 Little Leaf
Cucumbers, miniseed slicer, Diva
Cucumbers, miniseed slicer, Corinto
Cucumbers, slicer, very long, Sooyow Nishiki

Dill, Durkat
Dill, Mammoth

Edamame soybeans, Butterbeans

Eggplant, Prosperosa
Eggplant, Calliope
Eggplant, Tiger
Eggplant, Kamo

Endive, Tres Fine

Escarole, Natacha

Fennel, bulbing, Orion

Kale, Winterbor
Kale, Toscano


Lettuce, bibb, Winter Density
Lettuce, romaine, Truchas
Lettuce, leaf, Skyphos
Lettuce, leaf, Oakleaf
Lettuce, leaf, Red Cross
Lettuce, Batavian, red summer crisp
Lettuce, Batavian, green summer crisp

Marigold, Queen Sophia
Marigold, Judy’s Giant African

Mustard Greens, Ruby Streaks

Nasturtiums, mixed

Onion, Pontiac
Onion, White Wing
Onion, Red Wing
Onions Bunching, Nabechan

Parsley, flat leaved Italian

Peas (snap), Sugar Snap

Pepper, sweet, bell, ACE
Pepper, hot, jalepeno, Emerald Fire
Pepper, mild, numex, J E Parker
Pepper, hot, Ancho 211
Pepper, hot, Thai Hot

Popcorn, Calico

Potatoes, German Butterball
Potatoes, Burbank Russet
Potatoes, Yukon Gold
Potatoes, AmaRosa

Radicchio, Indigo
Radicchio, Perseo

Radish, Rudolf
Radish, French Breakfast
Radish, Daikon Miyashige

Shallot, Prisma Red

Spinach, Kookaburra

Summer squash, yellow, Yellow Crookneck
Summer squash, scallop, Early white bush
Summer squash, scallop, Starship
Summer squash, zucchini, Bosso Nova
Summer squash, zucchini, Costata Romanescu

Sunflower, Teddybear
Sunflower, Russian Mammoth
Sunflower, Autumn Sunset


Tomato, paste, Opalka
Tomato, paste, Amish Paste
Tomato, paste, Heinz 2653
Tomato, paste, Blue Beech
Tomato, cherry, Sun Gold
Tomato, red slicer, Box Car Willie
Tomato, red slicer, Mortgage Lifter
Tomato, red slicer, Brandywine
Tomato, pink slicer, early, Pink Beauty
Tomato, purple slicer, Cherokee Purple
Tomato, orange slicer, early, Orange Blossom

Tomatoes, late blight resistant, for community garden distribution: Jaspar (plum), Iron Lady (slicer), Mountain Merit (slicer), Defiant (slicer)

Winter squash, Waltham Butternut
Winter squash, Blue Ballet
Winter Squash, Buttercup green Burgess strain

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