my 2016 variety list

Garden Planning

I’m getting my 2016 variety list together. It’s so exciting to be thinking about planting again! I can’t wait.

I went through and sorted my old seeds, threw out seeds that were old. Especially the carrots and celeriac. I like to start fresh with those. Most of these seeds I have already, but I’ll still end up with a good order to place. I’ll see if I can get everything I need from one or two companies: FedCo and Johnny’s.

I put a link to this list on my side bar. I’ll update it as the season goes. I haven’t kept a variety list in the past, just a planting list. I think this list will be really helpful for ordering year to year. Also for keeping track of how the varieties do, what I get tired of, etc.

Basil, Eleonora (downy mildew resistant)
Basil, Superbo
Basil, Dolce Fresca
Basil, Nufar
Beans, green, Maxibel
Beans, green, Fortex
Beans, green, Jumbo
Beans, pole, Wax
Beans, pole, Shung Wang Chinese
Beans, pole, Gino’s Italien
Beans, shell, Jacobs Cattle (

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