chickens are molting

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chickens IMG_4067 chicken IMG_4088 - Copy

My chickens have started molting. The coop is covered with feathers. I guess they are shedding their dirty summer feather and will grow in fluffy new down coats for winter. I’m told it takes a lot of protein to molt and they don’t lay eggs during this time. I’m down to one egg a day. Only because the youngest (Roxy: my barred Rock) hasn’t started her molt yet.

Today, I’ll try to remember to get their winter light set up. I put a standard 40 watt bulb in the coop on a timer so they get about 12 hours of light a day, with the extra time in the morning. It gets dark about 6 pm now, so it should come on at 6 am. (6 am to 9 am)

molting chickens IMG_3400 - Copy molting chickens IMG_3409 - Copy
molting chickens IMG_3407 - Copy molting chickens IMG_3411 - Copy

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