budded fall peas


peas IMG_3149 peas IMG_3153

I’ve tried for the past 10 years to get a fall crop of peas and haven’t been successful. Our weather goes from hot to frost too fast. But I’ve got my fingers crossed this year. Maybe…. My pea plants are budded and our weather is pretty nice, with nights not going much below 50 F yet. Our season generally seems about 2 weeks late this year. So maybe 2 or 3 weeks until frost. Maybe enough time for these peas.

I started spouting these peas (Burpeeana Early, 63 days to harvest) on August 8 indoors in paper towels and then planted them outside a week later. The weather was so hot that I planted them next to my popcorn for afternoon shade. I also planted Johnny’s Sugar Snap peas at the same time but they have not done well probably since they had no shade.

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