comparing slicing tomatoes


tomatoes slicing IMG_3664
From left: Sun Gold, Cherokee Purple, Huge Lemon Oxheart, Brandywine, Pink Beauty and Giant Belgium

Not shown: Beefsteak, Mortgage Lifter, Carbone, Iron Lady and Mountain Merit. The last two are late blight resistant varieties that I’m growing at my community garden plot.

tomatoes sliced IMG_3618

And here are some sliced tomatoes. From top left going clockwise the varieties are: Cherokee Purple, Orange Blossom, Carbone, Mountain Merit, Iron Lady and, in the center is Stump of the World. (I bought the Orange Blossom tomato as I miss growing this one – I ran out of seeds this year.)

I’d like to eliminate 2 or 3 slicing varieties next year and add 2 or 3 new ones. Orange Blossom is one to add!

My notes:
Sun Gold was tall and spindly this year. Grow two plants next year.
Cherokee Purple outdid itself with many beautify tasty fruits. Its still my favorite.
Huge Lemon Oxheart, definitely huge and yellow, but also mealy. I’d like to try a different lemon variety.
Brandywine: Great tasting, but shape seemed different, smaller, this year. I’ll have to look up the strain.
Pink Beauty: I tucked this plant way in back. It still produced many delicious tomatoes.
Giant Belgium: Three or four spectacular big tasty fruits.
Beefsteak: This plant fizzled. A couple small fruits.
Morgage Lifter: Amazing number of big fruits early in the season, fizzed by the end.
Carbone: Two or three fantastic fruits. I tucked this plant way in back and it didn’t get as much sun.
Stump of the World: My husband likes to eat these like cherry tomatoes. He says they’re very sweet. I think I’ll stop growing it because of the ugly name. (Where did that come from?!) It’s incredibly prolific.
Iron Lady: Lots of tomatoes, medium sized fruits.
Mountain Merit: This is my favorite late blight resistant variety, a nice big meaty tomato.

Eliminate: Huge Lemon Oxheart and Beefsteak

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