comparing paste tomatoes


tomatoes plum IMG_3660b
From left: Tiren, Stump of the World, Cordova, Opalka, Heinz 2653, San Marzano, Nova
Not shown: San Marzano G3, Polish Linguisa

I’d like to eliminate 2 or 3 varieties. And grow less variety for my paste tomatoes. I really prefer the big meaty tomatoes, but they produce fewer tomatoes than the smaller ones. Of course one big Opalka is the size and meatiness of 5 or 6 tiny Novas.

My Notes:
Tiren: Very early, heavy producer, seems hollow, not so meaty
Stump of the World: I think not a paste tomato, a saladette, Huge production of sweet small fruits
Cordova: Good production, med sized round fruits.
Opalka: Amazingly beautiful and the meatiest tomato I have seen. Very few fruits.
Heinz 2653: Hard for me to distinguish this one from Cordova.
San Marzano: Similar to Cordova in size, maybe thinner and a bit longer. Low production.
Nova: Lots of tiny fruits.
San Marzano G3: This was my standard paste tomato, but it produced very few fruits this year in sprite of the front row seat I gave it.
Polish Linguisa: This one is performing stellar in my Mom’s garden. It’s a late producer of few fruits in my garden. Fruits are large, delicious and very meaty.

I think I will eliminate Stump of the World and Nova and double up on Opalka and Polish Linguisa

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