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Honey Bees

I’m trying to figure out the best way to keep a record of my bees. First, I had Siri transcribe my observations, then just transferred that to a word document. But Siri doesn’t understand me very well and see certainly doesn’t know words like “brood box”.

So now I have an excel table with lots of information. I jot down notes as I inspect the hives, then transfer it to the table later. I suppose this is OK, but I’m still working out what information I really need to record.

Here’s my table for one of my hives (the white hive). I keep adding data to record and its maybe to small to see here

Microsoft PowerPoint - bee record 1.pptx

I’ve tried using some online record keeping resources, but they were too complicated for me to get started with (e.g. Hive Tracker). Maybe they’re for advanced beekeepers. I’m going the try BeeTight when I have time.

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