snow shoveling my pea bed


snowshovelling garden IMG_0407

Actually it was really fun to do. Even at 25*F. The birds are singing and all over the place. and the dogs ran around and had a great time. I ended up getting quite warm and was in one thin jacket by the time I finished up. Good exercise.

I had forgotten that the gate needs to be dug out to get into the garden. Fortunately my gate opens out. I dug down, cracked the ice of the latches, opened the gate and was in my garden for the first time in three months.

Once in the garden I used my snow shoes to pack down a path. I looked up my garden planting diagram and saw that peas were planned for bed 3. So I began digging out bed 3. I should have brought a tape measure, but the snow was up well above my knees. It was 4 feet a few weeks ago, but probably down to 3 feet now.

I dug down to the soil level in the pea-to-be-bed. There is a nice green growth of rye grass. And below that I gave the soil a tap with the snow shovel, the soil is frozen solid. I hope some time with sun shining on it that the soil will begin to thaw. My experiment is to see if it thaws faster now that I have shoveled it.

I suspect I will continue to shovel as I did enjoy it. A preview of the gardening season and I’m so much wanting to be out there again in the dirt. Shoveling snow from my garden is next best.

snowshovelling garden IMG_0388snowshovelling garden IMG_0411
snowshovelling garden IMG_0414snowshovelling garden IMG_0409

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