Skippy’s EXTREME vegetable garden report – the shoveled pea bed is thawing


I went down to my vegetable garden this afternoon. Hiked down the snow path and went into the garden to check out the pea bed hole-in-the-snow. I brought a metal poker to check for soil thawing. I was SO impressed with the progress! There is almost no snow left on the soil of the dug out area, just nice green rye grass – and MUD!! Yeah MUD! About 1 inch of soil is thawed. Its not draining, of course, as it’s all frozen below. I poked around in the mud a bit and admired it. Our forecast is for temps up to 50 F in the next couple days. I am looking forward to more mud … and then when the soil is all thawed the mud will drain …. and then I’ll have a garden.

I didn’t do any more pea-bed snow shoveling today, as I had just done a lot of shoveling in our driveway. Maybe tomorrow…

thawing pea bed IMG_0550thawing pea bed IMG_0551

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