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I’ve been reading piles of seed catalogs this week. They keep arriving in the mail. I circle and make wish lists. If I ordered everything that’s caught my eye, I’d go broke and have closets filled with seeds. Plus I’m sure I already have many of these seeds. So today I’m sorting my old seeds.

sorting seeds IMG_1299

My seed baskets are a jumble after a busy year. I’m piling the same types of seeds together. Lettuces, tomatoes, squashes…. The seeds I remember not sprouting this year go in the trash along with seeds that are just way too old. I came across an endive packet from 2008, gourds from 2007. 8 years old! They might sprout, but if I haven’t used them by now, obviously not one of my favorites.

I have lots of bean seeds that have fallen out of packets. Don’t know why I save them. I have baggies full of mixed bean seeds. Maybe I’ll plant a random bean plot and see what happens. Then again, maybe I’ll be organized this year and only grow labeled varieties in separate rows so I know what they are……

After sorting my seeds, I wrapped each type of plant with a rubber band and then put them back in my seed box – alphabetically. I feel so organized now. Soon, I need to get some kind of garden plan drawn up for 2015 so I know what I have room for. THEN, finally, I can go back to my wish lists, check them against what I have, see if I have room for them, and THEN ORDER SOME fun new stuff.

sorting seeds IMG_1302sorting seeds IMG_1303

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