garden bugs!

Pests & Pathogens

grasshopper on basil 9060
hummingbird moth on silane black bee on thyme
bee on thyme orange wasp
bee on chicory
bumble bee on thyme small bee on dill

All of these are beneficial bugs. Great pollinators. Ooops, wait a minute. I just looked up that pretty grasshopper. I read that grasshoppers are terribly destructive pests in vegetable gardens. He’s on my basil. Maybe THAT’S who’s been eating my basil. I’ve added slug pellets and they are not slowing the damage. I am reading there’s not much you can do about grasshoppers as they are so mobile. BIRDS! come here, birds…

PS. BugGuide says the pretty grasshopper is a Scudderia. They are herbivores, but don’t usually eat too much. Sounds like I shouldn’t blame him.

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