working on our new mini-orchard

Garden Work

orchard IMG_7853
apple blossom IMG_7882 cherry blossom IMG_7886

Last weekend, we cleared the slope where our mini-orchard will go. Lots of roots needed to be dug out and removed. I used stakes and string to find the best spots to locate the trees. So far, we have 3 apples. All semi-dwarf. Varieties: Honey Crisp, Liberty and Jonathan. Also a pie cherry, variety: Montmorency. Each tree needs about 18 feet diameter of space.

Next, we will dig compost into the planting holes and plant the trees. The trees will like as much compost as they can get. We’ll put up deer fence around each tree. And all those rocks we pulled out of the soil will go into a semi circle just at the lower slope of each tree.

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