an egg!!! an egg!!!

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An egg, an egg!!! I am so excited! My chickens have laid their first egg.

I was busy all day today and, for the first time, didn’t get out to the coop until very late. It was about 7 pm and dark, but the coop light was still on. The hens muttered as I came up, something about “where have you been” and “why didn’t you bring us our leftovers this morning” or maybe it was more like “we’re really glad to see you”.

Anyway, they clucked and baaked and I did the usual check of the coop and THERE IT WAS! I’ve looked for an egg at least once a day since the end of November. I hardly knew what I was seeing.

Its a pale blueish-greenish egg – that would be one of Ginger’s. She’s an Araucana chicken. My brown hen. (My other two hens will eventually lay brown eggs.) Its a lot smaller than the extra-large store-bought eggs I had in the fridge.

I found the egg lying in the middle of the hen house, almost buried in the extra deep layer of fresh wood shavings and hay I put down a couple days ago. I’ll have to tell Ginger she’s supposed to lay in one of the nesting boxes. That’s OK, I can work on explaining that to her now that she’s an official “laying hen”!

I’ll make sure to bring all the hens a special breakfast tomorrow!

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