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aerial Aug 22 2013
aug 22 basil aug 22 2013

Skippy’s vegetable garden will move soon.

The garden is at its peak, tomatoes ripening, big green basil plants, tall teepees of cucumbers and green beans. I am picking more than we can eat from this cute little garden. But, something else is going on too….

The cold frame is being taken apart and removed as we get ready to show the house to potential buyers. I wonder if someone will continue to maintain my little side yard garden? Or maybe it will be removed and replaced with grass. I wonder. It’s been a productive area for me over the past 22 years – even though the amount of sun continues to go down as the trees continue to grow. I must have 1000 aerial photos taken over the years. It will be hard to say good bye….

But then, it will be exciting to start fresh and build a brand new garden! Skippy’s vegetable garden will move to a big open area next to a pretty little pond. Our new house is only about 10 miles west of our current one. It’s a bit further from Boston, a bit more rural. The back yard has big granite steps that wind down a slope through ferns and laurels and bring you to the flat open grassy area by the pond.

I am excited to mark out garden boundaries soon. I hope to turn the grass under later this fall and let it compost over the winter. Maybe I’ll add some fresh manure to compost in the soil too. All winter I can plan, and then in the spring ….. ahhh, I can’t wait….

new garden location
the steps down to beaver pond 130 beaver pond 134

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