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I returned to a bone dry community garden that I hardly recognized as it had grown so much! And so many weeds. I had weeded before I left and did not expect to see so many pigweed, lambsquarters, crabgrass, chickweed, plantain, etc, etc.

My escarole frisee was so pretty when I left and I thought a week would make it perfect. Here’s the pretty photo:
Copy of 046

When I got back – one week later – it had bolted to 4 feet high! If I had the space to spare, I would have let it go and collected the seed.
bolted escarole bed before 001

Here’s the bed after I quickly pulled it. Much of it I saved for salads, but there was lots to go to the compost bin.
bolted escarole bed after 025

My potatoes were through blooming and looking really good. (Where did the potato beetles go? I released bean beetle wasps a couple weeks ago – I wonder if they got the potato beetles too?)
potatoes 008

My tomatoes are still small but growing (along with the weeds…)and the lettuce underplanting.
tomato bed 009

My squashes are just starting to grow and need to be trained up the trellis.
I did this and they are off to a good start.
squashes 006

Lots of other things are looking really good too. Its so nice to be back.
echinecia 002
beets 021 Copy of 035
bagged pears 012 Copy of 031

watermelon and garlic 014 kale bed 007
Copy of 033 Copy of 037

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