organic spray box for a community garden

Pests & Pathogens

Today I set up a box at our community garden containing organic sprays for gardeners to use.

The box includes:
– Precut 6 x 10 foot sections of row cover,
– Baggies of Sluggo
– A large, 1 gal sprayer with premixed Copper fungicide
– Small spray bottle of premixed Oxidate
– A bag of Dipel, wetting agent bottle and small sprayer

– To protect against late blight on tomatoes: we recommend spraying tomatoes alternately with Oxidate and Copper, before every rain and at least every 7 days.
– To treat powdery mildew: we recommend spraying squashes and cucumbers with Oxidate every 2 weeks.
– To control corn ear worms: we recommend spraying Dipel into the tips of corn ears after the silk starts to dry every 7-14 days.
– For cabbage worms and flea beetles, we recommend using row cover on new plantings of all brassicas (e.g. cabbage, kale, broccoli, mustards, arugula, cauliflower, collards) and eggplants (remove when eggplants begin to flower).

We will see how this works.

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