to the start of another week – cheers!

Root Vegetables

carrot martinis 037

Today I pulled the carrots I sowed in August. Pretty baby carrots. Somehow a rabbit seems to have found his way into the garden and ate off most of the carrot greens. I am fascinated that he only ate the carrots. Next year I am planning a chicken wire tunnel over the carrots.

I ended up harvesting about a dozen heads of lettuce today as there may be a hard frost tonight. Some lettuce plants I dug and moved into my cold frame to see how they do there over the winter. I also harvested leeks, walking onions, Savoy cabbage, bok choi, baby beets and baby carrots.

To end the day, we tried a new combination of veggies in a martini: baby carrots, walking onions and an olive. I highly recommend it!

baby carrots 012

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