starting to sprout sweet potatoes

Root Vegetables, Starting Seeds

sweets under the radiator 022

To get a head start, I put my sweets for sprouting in small bowls with half filled with water. I lined them up under the radiator for extra warmth. I will be collecting some pint jars (and toothpicks) for setting them up correctly soon. Here is a great link for reading about how to sprout sweets: Starting Sweet Slips.

I have three varieties starting. Two from my harvest from this year (Jewel’s and Hannah’s – these are dry textured, orange and white flesh) and a new one I picked up at the supermarket last week, (Beauregard – a moist orange type). These are three of the most common commercial varieties. I am thinking I will also try ordering a few heirloom slips from Sandhill Preservation next year. They have some very nice assortments: their choice of heirloom varieties, 2 types $5. Sounds good to me!

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