cukes, eggplants, and watermelon transplants

Starting Seeds

Today I transplanted cucumbers, eggplants and watermelons. I put them in the cold frame with covers removed – the warmest place I have. In the morning I prepared the soil – weeded, raked a pile of new compost flat, dug it in a little, and then raked the soil flat. It was so hot that I waited til evening to transplant the seedlings. It was dark when I finished planting and watering.

The cold frame is next to the robin nest – overfull with 4 big birdlets. I keep thinking they will fledge tomorrow. They don’t fit in the nest anymore. Today they perched on the nest edges and flapped and preened. To sleep they stack on top of each other. They only know the world of their nest, their siblings and their parents bringing them worms.

I also prepared the beds for planting some bean seeds soon.

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