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On Sunday I turned my dining room table into a planting bench by spreading out an old sheet. I transplanted 12 early tomato plants. And I planted 6 6-packs of seeds (carrots, parsnips and 6 types of chili peppers).

The chilis are under my fish tank now, since they like it warm for germination. Its 80*F under there. I just have to remember to water them now and then. (varieties: Amelia’s cayenne, Thai hot, yellow sweet, Joe Parker, Nardello and Ancho)

I’ve always direct planted carrots and parsnips before, but last fall I tried sowing carrots in pots and transplanting. It worked great. So I’m trying a spring planting. I prefer planting in pots because its easier for me to water the young seedlings regularly if they are inside on my shelves. Carrots are sensitive to drying out when they’re small and I’ve lost many because of this.

My husband reminds to me write that he washed the pots! I found a stack of old pots in the garage to my surprise and, knowing how I like CLEAN pots for little seedlings, he put them in the dishwasher. He filled the top shelf and put a cookie rack on top to hold the pots in place. They look nice and the plants look happy.

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  • Did you direct sow lettuce or peas yet in the garden Kathy? I tilled the garden a 2nd pass tonite after adding 900 lbs of sand, it really loosened it up (carrots needed it). I may sow lettuce and peas out there tomorrow, if we get a cold snap, Ill just cover those little rows.

  • Is the dishwasher sufficient to clean? That sounds way easier than washing by hand in a diluted bleach solution…

  • Oh my goodness! Kathy, I can't believe you're still planting my cayennes – how wonderful! I'm glad they live on in your garden. It's always hard to use as many cayennes as those productive little plants produce, but they sure are nice to look at. Have you ever had them cross-pollinate with your other peppers? I never did, but I only had them for a few years. I've had to take a two-year break from gardening (I'm at the Obama campaign in Chicago now). But I still have cayenne seeds from my batch a couple years ago, so hopefully some of them will be viable when I get back to gardening in 2013. It's nice to carry on a seed tradition – glad you've felt the same way!

  • Your tomato plants look great! Mine are still just developing their first set of true leaves. I suppose my grow light is just too weak.


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