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plant shelves

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  • That setup with the grow lights looks pro-delux i like the way that photo is taken. I grow all my stuff in the front window with a fan by the time im ready to harden up my plants they are pretty much there, My wifes grandmother used to use pots and pants to start her tomatoe seeds i used to find that kinda funny seeing tomatoe plants growing in the turkey roaster.

  • Wow, what a great set up. If only I had enough room for one like this! Although I end up with more plants they I can use with my little set up so maybe I should be careful what I wish for.

  • These shelves are one of my favorite things in the winter and early spring months. Sometimes I lie on the rug and watch the little plants grow. I love it when the tomatoes start growing as they have the best smell.

    Love the thought of a turkey roaster in the front window full of seedlings! I would sit and watch them grow too.


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