Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  • Your garden looks beautiful. Do you double dig your beds?

  • We double dug my parents garden once because I ordered way to much compost. But other than that I never double dig. I think the less digging the better. I layer on compost in the fall and spring in the beds that will have crops that need rich soil. Then I turn the soil in these beds by hand (well actually by shovel) trying not to break up the structure too much – if that's possible. Then rack smooth. (I hate to think what happens to soil and worms when people use a rototiller.) I would do lasagna gardening but just haven;t been able to get myself to try something new. This sounds like a super method.

    After double digging once, my parent's have gone for several years now without turning their soil at all. I'll have to ask my dad what he has done, but I think he just layers on the compost in the spring. Their garden has been super.

  • Hi Kathy: Im going to do Blackberrys next year i want to use a thornless variety, is there a variety that grows along the ground like Strawberrys, if i cant find a variety like that i will use poles. Blackberrys you get a crop 2nd year. We can now use the community garden year round so i want to put in stuff thats year round.

  • Your garden is so beautiful I like the set up at the same time the vegetables looks great.



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