cheers to the first cuke of the season!!!


summer garden 124

A pretty little North Carolina Pickling cucumber is my first this year. As usual…. And what to do to celebrate the first cucumber? A martini of course.

(my nails look like I’ve been digging potatoes! yes.)

summer garden 107 summer garden 110

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  • Shaken or stirred?

  • OK, so a friend of mine (who is a prof at MIT and a studied mixologist – I believe him) says martinis and other clear drinks should be stirred NOT shaken as Bond preferred. He stirs 30 times (very patient). Says this keeps it clear, I think maybe he had other reasons too, but I focus more on what to put in it.

    I sometimes stir, sometimes shake. The shaking has a nice sound. Stirring is easier.

    This one was stirred. About 10 times. With the cuke on the green mermaid pick.



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