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I have been harvesting lettuce every day for our salads for a couple months now. I just started to pick my arugula today. Yummy! Also the garlic is stating to send up shoots, so I picked the first few scapes this weekend. Time for a nice garlic scape pesto.

My alpine strawberries are great this year. In past years some critter has eaten them before me. This year I am picking lots. Yummy for strawberry martinis!

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  • I made 3 small containers of Yummy garlic pesto from our garlic scapes today too ….. I added pine nuts, lemon juice, Romano and Parmesean cheese too it 🙂
    I love your site and you have gave us all many ideas
    Thanks for sharing !!!!

  • I love garlic scapes, and I love the pesto I made!!!

  • I'm doing this tomorrow!

  • Picked and ate lettuce today (we've been picking like crazy since the thermometer hit 106 two weeks ago), and finally it has bolted to the point of beyond palatable. Oh well 🙁

    Garlic is coming out, though. And it's huge!

  • Aaah! Alpine strawberries – I think they're under utilised. They may not be as juicy as regular strawbs but their flavour is unrivalled. They're meant to be good in champagne too!


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