furry catkins

catkin 122

The bees are out and about when the sun warms things up. This tiny little one was collecting pollen in the willow catkins outside my dining room window.

catkin 128 catkin 129

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  • The photo of the bee on the catkin is just brilliant!

  • Yeah, great photo. Love that you recognize it as a bee. Most folks don't have any idea there's about 4800 other species of bees in North America besides the honeybees and bumblebees.

  • Emily, Glad to hear it really is a bee. I probably should have checked before I wrote that. I once did some work to learn differences between bees, wasps and flies. As I remember 3 body parts (?) and 4 wings are bees or wasps, wasps have bigger waists. Flies have 2 wings and giant eyes. (Is this right?) Many of my photos I submit to BugGuide. Maybe I will get around to submitting this one. Please let me know if you know the name of this bee.

  • Great photo of the bee on the catkin. Isn't first harvest always a triumph? Your spinach looks so healthy. I like your blog which I am following.


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