Boston Globe article: a sense of community

Erica from the Globe wrote a very nice article about our community gardens. Its in today’s paper: here’s the link. I love the way she wrote little bits about lots of different gardeners. That the way our garden is: a patchwork mix of different garden styles and gardeners.

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  • Skippy is becoming quite the celebrity, isn't he? Nice article. I didn't know there was a VG in the Fenway Park area. I didn't think Boston had enough land for such a spot. LOL Thanks for sharing… I lived in Boston in the 80's, and yes, the focus was all about career-building and less about home living. It seems to me that everything changed just after 9/11 and we went back to nesting. We traded our IBM suits for Martha Stewart clogs, HGTV splashed on the scene, Home Depot took off, and we got our priorities straight. Starting my first vegetable garden this year, and you, Kathy, have been the most influential component in that decision. Keep up the good work!

  • Lovely article! I just wish they has used a photo of the community garden in late spring or summer (it kind of looks like a shanty-town with all the mishmash of fences and not much green).

  • Anybody know which section/page this is on in the print edition? I'm having trouble finding it.

  • David, I haven't had a chance to look for it in print yet, but it seems it is in a local section – I think Somerville. Maybe only the Somerville area gets this section.


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