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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Weed Killer Canes make killing weeds easy, leave no spots, and help the environment.

Denver, Colorado (April 1, 2011) – Weed Killer Canes help protect the environment by using just the right amount of herbicide needed to kill the weed. No more heavy sprayers, bending over, or yellow spots on the lawn. Due to a higher volume of sales, we have been able to lower our price. You can now purchase a Weed Cane for only $5.99!

“I got the idea when I saw a neighbor using a paint brush on her hands and knees painting each individual weed with a systemic herbicide. I thought why not just fill a long tube with a sponge on the end of it with herbicide. This makes it possible to just stroll around your yard, pressing the tip of the cane on each weed. This method effectively and quickly makes the weeds disappear.” – Mike Smith, Inventor



My hands hurt; even my fingernails ache
from pulling weeds which were neglected too long,
allowed to grow until they assumed (and why not?)
that the garden belonged to them
or any wild seed which might blow by
or be dropped by birds.
Why is it my shoulders straining at burdocks
which have definitely settled in for the summer?
Why not some unsuspecting teenager’s
who might have been conned into doing the job
for a few dollars an hour, and who, by nightfall,
wouldn’t feel a twinge; would sleep like a pup?
I will feel every muscle in my body
and stay awake until all hours.

The only answer I can give
is that at least I was the one
who felt the wind freshening;
and where the grass was deepest by the stone border,
I was the one who stared the wild cat in the eye
and did not blink first.

– Peggy Billings

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  • This reminds me of a article I sent my husband ( who is currently finishing renovating our home) about the benefits of doing things the hard way. There is something to be said about the satisfaction of doing a job well and knowing that it was accomplished with your own elbow grease. Love it!

  • I find it so funny to come across this today. I just spend the first two of hours, of many to follow, in my backyard pulling weeds my hand. When asked by a friend why I didn't just spray them I said, "This is healthier and it's free." There's no arguing with that.

  • Dig, dig, dig, pull, pull, pull. –that is my mantra.

  • Weeding is always something I have enjoyed. Its a chance to see what going on in the garden – and in the outdoors. And there are many ways to do it. Hoes, hands and knees, black plastic, mulch. Just get in there and know the garden. But no herbicide – that's just silly.

  • I agree. There's something about connecting to the earth and working it. I can't imagine doing it any other way. Some people garden. Others landscape.


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