remote thermometer in my cold frame

remote thermometer 2 remote thermometer 1
cold frame 2

I have a new remote thermometer in my cold frame. Nothing special, but I like to be able to see the temperature during the day without going out and lifting the cover.

When there is no sun on the frame, the temperature is similar to the outdoor temperature. But it doesn’t fall to the lowest temperatures at night. When there is sun on the frame, it gets 10 or more degrees warmer than outside. Only problem now is that the sun has sunk so low that it is mostly lower than the house next door and the frame stays quite cool.

Last night we had a good frost even in my side yard. My tomato plants are still standing and they wilted back. I will need to remove them soon. November 2 is a bit late for my first frost. Soon, I want to go back and get a list of my first frost dates for the past few years. I think they vary by about a month year to year

In the cold frame, the lettuce, escarole, spinach, beets, dill and broccoli plants are still growing, but slowly. I haven’t set up my heating system, but this is on my to-do list.

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