planting fall bulbs

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I finally got time to plant my fall bulbs. About 50 white daffodils (Mount Tacoma, Thalia, Professor Einstein and Sweet Love) for the back yard and 50 very early tulips for the front. Also some muscari and snow drops.

To plant them, I first lay out piles of what I want to plant in the grass along the garden. The big ole squirrel followed me around and I caught him stealing and eating a couple bulbs. I think he enjoys posing for my photos now. Squirrels don’t usually eat these types of bulbs, so I doubt he will bother digging for them. My fingers are crossed!! It is almost impossible for me to plant crocuses and small shallow tulips with the greedy squirrels here, but daffodils, hyacinths and deep tulips are usually OK.

My other fall tasks of the past weekend included digging my dahlia tubers and raking the rapidly falling maple leaves. I’ll add a separate post about those leaves because I really like to 1. use a rake and 2. pile them in the garden during the winter.

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