garden work

Garden Work
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Harvested basil
Transplant eggplants from side yard to community plot for more sun
Weed whack paths around my plot
Fertilized popcorn
Transplant a small rudbeckia from side yard to community plot
Weeding, weeding
Harvested about 1/4 of onions, and some beets
Clean out pea and fava bean bed

In pea and fava bean bed, sow seeds for:
Carrots, Mokum
Beets, Chioggga and Lutz
Lettuce, Green Summer Crisp Loma

In garlic beds, sow seeds for:
Shell beans pole, Tongue of Fire, Flagrano,
Shell beans bush, Vermont Cranberry, Black Turtle Soup

More weeding….
My compost bin is way over filled now and I will need to add a second bin somewhere.

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