Mom and Dad’s vegetable garden

Mom and Dad's Garden, Photos of my Gardens

mom and dad garden 02
mom and dad garden 01 mom and dad garden 04

Can you believe the size of these vegetables! Twice the size of mine.

mom and dad garden 03

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  • Beautiful!

  • Their garden looks amazing and so nice!

  • Any ideas on what has made the difference between your garden and theirs? (My plants are significantly smaller as well, but a lot of that might be explained by climate… I'm in Zone 6)

  • I definitely know the difference. Compost!

    It has also made the difference between their smaller plants in previous years and this year.

    Click on the label below the post and look for the photos of the massive pile of compost I spread on their garden this spring. It was too much, but apparently too much is even better than enough.

    Here's a recent quote from Victoria from the Belmont Victory Garden Yahoo board:

    "The received wisdom used to be: fertilize plants. But now we know that it's the soil we need to feed. Replenishing the soil each year with quantities of organic matter mimics what is going on all the time in Nature in undisturbed landscapes. The recommendation now is to top growing beds with at least 2 inches of compost each year. Well-rotted manure is great, if you can get it, but more important is composted organic matter. The challenge … is how to get enough of that stuff."

    Here, here! More compost, less fertilizer. Of course lots of sun, water, crop rotation, weeding and planning help too.

    BTW My parents' (and my) garden is zone 6a.

  • WOW! what a gorgeous garden! Props to you and your husband for the spring prepping you did for your parents!

  • True. The compost pile did make a huge difference!

    Also, I think the green thumps of the Master Gardener helped a bit too. 😉


  • Amazing!!

    I know how important soil is for raising vegetables but I'm surprised that your compost has given the such difference!

    I and my wife will harvest all potatoesa and burdock roots this weekend and then the space will be available for next vegetable.I'll see the capability of compost great and learn it for the next harvest.

  • My veggies are huge this year too. We put a ton of compost and manure on them and I do think that made a difference, but honestly I think the warm weather we've been having in Massachusetts made the biggest difference to me… that and the fact that some neighbors cut down some trees so I've got more sun now.

  • Look at all those neat rows, and not a weed in sight. I have brassica envy now.


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