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garden aerial

Ah yes – the house painter is here. We are (he is) painting the house green. I’ve always wanted a green house!

And down below, my garden is doing good. The covers are off the cold frame, but its still early in the season. All the beds are planted but the plants are still small. Seems to me that I’ve spaced them too far. I’m tempted to fill in all that extra space.

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  • Kathy, that's awesome that your wish for a green house is being fulfilled! Yeah!!!

    Your garden looks beautiful! I like your cobblestone walkway to the gate… and I continue to drool over your coldframe!

  • Green House? 🙂 Awesome. Are you going to show pics of the new color? I don't see that many green houses around here. Well I guess there's some muted shades green or green accents.

    BTW your garden is looking reat.

  • It will be nice to have fresh paint. We have a lighter green siding and I have painted out the porch to match. Greens good, especially with plants all around.

  • It is full steam ahead with the planting out at the moment. I have to bite the bullet and get things outside or they will get terribly pot bound. I love the arial pictures of your plot!

  • You are soooooo neat and tidy with your gardening. I am ashamed of my mess of a garden. Am going out this minute to start work on tidying up….

  • Love reading your posts! I wanted to ask more about the community garden! Our town has been working on a movement to get one started, but we're unsure of how to find the backing to get it started. I was just wondering if you knew of someone I could ask questions! Any help is much appreciated!
    Thanks! 🙂

  • I just found your blog…I liked your potato and squash casserole. I'm enjoying reading about your garden and the hawks. I live in NC, where we deal with red clay and lots of heat. Keep gardening!

  • They'll grow and fill out and fill in the spaces. It never looks like they will, but they do.

  • I am jealous of your cold frame – we just harvested our first full-size lettuce in Boston – it seems to get you going much earlier. Any advice on plans for a big cold frame like yours?

  • Maybe I will write up plans later on. Sorry I don;t have time right now. Its really pretty simple construction – just a wood frame about 10 by 10 feet , 1.5 ft high in front 4 feet high in the back. Heavy clear plastic is stapled onto it.

    I am very pleased with this frame. I have had a lot of lettuce already and now the melons are very happy in the warm sheltered location!

  • congrats – I so want a greenhouse too. I love the ariel view – great perspective.


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