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Today I checked on my four tomato plants in Wall-o-Water protectors. The Ulra early Beaverlodge seedling is nearly emerging from the top of the unit and has two clusters of many blossoms. Half are budded and half in full bloom. I shook them – pretending to be bee-like – hopefully getting them to self pollinate.

The Cherokee Purple and Box Car Willy seedlings look good, though no blossoms, not as big, and a bit of mold in some spots. The protectors seem to trap too much moisture around the plant. It will be good if I can remove them soon, but this weekend is supposed to be chilly.

And the fourth plant, another Beaverlodge that I planted in the shade at the end of the row under my rose bush, has died. Without sun, it makes sense that the Wall-O-Water is effective. 🙁

I have about 3 or so little tomato seedlings in my cold frame that are getting bigger and will be ready to transplant or give away soon, probably next week. I actually haven;t even looked at these recently. I will have to check on hem soon.

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  • I used the Kozy Koats this year on many of my tomato plants due to this unstable weather we have been having. My plants have thrived and many are out the top of the cloches! I opened them up at the top to give them more air. I think that I will also wait another week before I take them off.

  • How do you open them up at the top?

  • I pushed some of the water out of the top and opened them up. They are staying open this way. I will take a picture and post it on my blog for you.


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