tomato buds on May 1


tomato flower buds!

I checked inside my Wall-O-Water today and my ultra early Beaver Lodge tomato has buds. On May 1! Amazing. The standard timing is 30 days from flower of fruit so I still have a while to wait, but so far so good. I’d really like to beat my previous record of July 31.

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  • Ahhh…..fresh tomatoes early! I also used water cloches this year for the first time. Some of my plants also have buds and they look wonderful! Can't wait!

  • My personal best is July 2nd. I always try to shoot for before July 4th as a guideline.

    This requires several key things: seeding in February/March, Greenhouse, and 2 gallon pots. Transplanting to soil occurs in Mid to Late May weather depending.

  • How exciting!! I just put my seedlings in the ground yesterday under row cover, I hope the night temps hold steady these next few weeks.

    You will have tomatoes before you know it!!

  • Teresa/safira
    May 2, 2010 6:39 PM

    Very exciting. Good luck!

    I tend to be distrustful of the weather, having moved to Mass. from zone 4, but I put my first tomatoes out today.

  • Wow. That's tremendous. I do not have any blooms yet on the seeds I planted March 1.

  • How exciting! This is my first year gardening and I can't wait to get my tomatoes in the ground. Looks like you're off to a wonderful start. Your photos of your garden are gorgeous!


  • This is a new "ultra early" tomato variety called Beaver Lodge, from Territorial. I hope it tastes good. I think its a Roma type. No sign of buds yet on other varieties I am growing.

  • I'm thinking this maybe a way to also save seeds from this plant if no insects can get in. Just reach it and give the plant a little shake (when it is time to pollinate, then mark the fruit when it sets, so you know which one to keep seeds from. Do you think it would work Kathy?

  • Debbie, The top is a bit open, so I think it would be better to use a different method, like bagging the flower and fruit. I've never tried saving tomato seeds.

  • You go GIRL !!! I am predicting July 20 for a ripe red tomato.

  • Kathy, et al, … my guess is that this is a hybrid and NOT an open pollinated variety so you probably cannot save seed to get the same variety next year.


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