urban birdwatchers

urban bird watchers

What’s all the commotion at the Fresh Pond Mall? A big sale? Not. A new store? Not. The young Redtail hawks in the nest on top of the building next to Trader Joe’s are about to fledge! Its seriously messing up the traffic.

There are two chicks in the nest now. And when Skippy and I were watching on Sunday (along with 50 or 60 other fanatics), both Redtail parents came to check on the kids. Dad brought a bit of dinner and left it in the nest, then flew to the top of the building to watch the birdwatchers. Then Mom came into the nest and seemed to be eating her share first. I was told by a woman by a scope who had been there all day that they are very well fed chicks.

What excitement!

urban bird watchers 2 hawk nest 3
hawk nest 1

Added later:
Since some people commenting seemed worried about these unnatural conditions, below is a photo of the view these birds have to the west. They are right across the street from Fresh Pond in Cambridge, which actually is a very nice, very large, and very fresh pond. Its the Cambridge drinking water reservoir and is surrounded by beautiful fields and woods with lots of biodiversity.

Fresh Pond

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