March aerial

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March aerial 176

A garden full of plans! Soon it will look alive and new!

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  • Hi, I'm new to your blog and was wondering how much space you have between those raised bed? It looks pretty narrow. I put in raised beds last fall with 2' between the beds and will find out this summer how that works out.

  • So promising and exciting! I too am curious as to your spacing – we're getting ready to build our raised beds.

  • Marian(LondonUK)
    March 9, 2010 9:37 PM

    Hi Kathy look at that sunshine of promise shining on that earth! I need to sit and plan my plot on paper. It's in my head but needs the clarification of pen and ink.
    See your trusty gnome is holding the fort. Fantastic blog as ever.
    Marian (LondonUK)

  • Don't you feel rejuvinated with the spring-like weather we've been having in MA? I actually did a little spring cleaning in my garden this past weekend!!! I love looking at your aerial shots throughout the year – wish I had a good vantage point to do the same.

  • Kathy, We just got hit with a lot of snow last night in Anchorage and had a lot before, so your picture is very inviting! It's cold again here too. I dream of spring but we won't see green grass until May. One day I will leave in a milder climate for sure!! Your pictures are great. I enjoy them weekly. Hanna

  • Hi Hanna, It seems like its spring here already. Early I think. You should come for a visit!

  • Joe, My beds have only about a foot of space between. Sometimes this seems to little, mostly it seems fine. It would be nice to fit a rake between, which in many places, I can't. In one or two areas the spacing is a bit more and I sometimes plant a row in the path. One of my biggest mistakes is crowding things too much. I tend to forget how big the plants will get and that they need airflow. I bet yours will do well at 2 ft apart.

  • Kathy,
    I found your site recently and love the aerial photos through the seasons. Thank you for sharing your garden.

  • Nice aerial shot there. Even raised beds too. I hope to see your garden on your next posts.

  • What do you have under the milk jugs?

  • I'm into it full force this season. I've set up a 6 ft. table in my dining room with grow lights and have so many veggies started. I'm also "winter sowing" in milk jugs etc. in the back yard, mostly petunias and marigolds. I have found a hobby that makes me so happy and in anticipation of my efforts. Hoping for a dryer spring than last year. I'm in NJ.


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