snow day

Old Urban Garden, Watching the Seasons

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This is the same stone wall I photographed a few days ago. Everything looks different today.

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Here’s my garden:

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  • oh yuck !!

  • The good news is that its ALMOST warm now. The sun pushes the daytime temps up. I bet the snow won't last long. Since its so near to spring, I'm enjoying the whiteness.

  • Beautiful shots, I especially like the top one and the bottom right. I don't know why we keep being missed by these storms?

  • Marian(LondonUK)
    February 18, 2010 7:56 AM

    How pretty, your pictures of the stone wall would make a great seasonal photo display. How nice to be able to walk in a wooded area so close to home. Spring is ready to burst!

  • wow you guys got the snow and we didnt up here in northern vermont. Well the good news is spring comes fast for you!

  • Beautiful snow-fall, Kathy! I think we had about 6"-8" up our way. It looks like you might have had more. You're last picture IS QUITE nice. I can just feel the quietness from your photos.

  • That looks like a really wet snow! I love the "snowballs" in the last photo. Now that the days are longer and the angle of the sun is much warmer, I'm sure the snow will melt sooner rather than later. (I say that, though, as someone who lives in Central Virginia who's had snow on the ground for over a month. Hurray up, spring!)

  • That was supposed to be "hurry." Freudian slip.

  • Incredible! It is hard to think of snow. We're having such Spring weather here in So. Cal. The nights and morning are still cold though. I bought some onion seeds too and I am going to try and grow them for the first time 🙂

    Stay warm,


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