seed sorting


I’m getting ready to plant!

Today I sorted my seed packets. I made a pile for each planting date and wrapped these with rubber bands. A pile for 12 weeks (before last frost), one for 10 weeks, one for 8 weeks etc.

I also stopped by my local True Value hardware store and got a bag of soil and some seed trays. I got my old stand by soil – MiracleGro seed starting mix. For trays, I got 4 large trays (no holes) and 4 packs of 1×1.5 inch planting cells. These are my favorite planting items, though there wasn’t any choice at the store I went to. I don’t think they’ve put out their seed planting stock yet. Most gardeners don’t start so early I guess. (They probably wonder what’s my problem…)

The first seeds to get planted are the onions and celeriac, which get planted at 12 weeks before last frost. I may also plant a couple very early tomato seeds soon. And maybe a few flowers, like lavender.

I’m so excited to be planting soon!!!!

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