seeds have arrived!

free seeds for the hungry seed box

The seeds of a new garden!

All my seed orders came today. So many exciting new things. I’m pleased I remembered to order inoculant – for peas, beans, broad beans and soy beans. And the green plastic mulch looks interesting.

Territorial send a free packet of carrot seeds to grow for the food pantry. A very nice thought. This is a perfect vegetable to donate. (I brought butternut squash last year, which worked out well, too.)

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  • That looks like pure joy in a box!

  • How nice! I'm wondering if I can you a question, I'm in MA too and was thinking of ordering seeds from do you think they'd grow well in our area?

  • Wow! Cant wait to see your 2010 garden.

  • um, what's inoculant? I'm two towns over from you in West Medford, I suppose I need some of whatever it is as well. : /

  • O dear…I should have ordered my seeds by now??

  • Now I remember I forgot to include inoculant in one of my orders. bah!

  • You don't need to order seeds now. You can order whenever you want to! They arrive in 2 days, so order when you're ready to plant. Or buy at the grocery or hardware store at the spur of the moment. I'm just a fanatic and I want to enjoy sorting them into piles and plant some soon.

    I'll look for a previous post with an inoculant explanation and add a link soon.

  • How about those HUGE pea packets? I made the mistake of ordering 3 varieties from Johnny's this year without realize they are giant compared to everyone else's.

  • This is a happy day for you! 🙂

    … I also got one of two orders and I am anxiously awaiting my other seeds from "Seed Savers Exchange".

    Kathy, if you have time, can you comment a little on the type of soil you use for starting seeds. I ended up just buying some "seed starter" mix at Lowes and hopefully that'll be good enough. But, should I be adding fertilizer, bone meal, blood meal, lime or anything else to it?

    Thank you for your response on the perennial peppers. I read and reread that page and got a lot of good info. I am planning on planting "a lot" of different peppers this year. So, the timing could not have been better. But, they recommended against the use of peat moss, which contradicts what I've read elsewhere. In fact, the seed starting mix contains mostly peat moss. So, you can see where the confusion comes from.

    Happy gardening,

  • Oh yes. The peat moss issue. Its an environmental no-no, but perfect for starting seeds. I really like Miracle-gro seed starter and like to find the giant bag when Costco gets it in the early spring. I'll start a new post to get comments on started mixes.

  • You're very kind. I have started go through your site to read previous posts, so excuse me if you've already covered the topic of starting seeds. Personally, I would think it would be neat to hear whatever ideas you have about starting seedlings. I am going through this process right now. Needless to say, I am a bit unorganized and things are a bit messy. But, I am trying to focus on timing and getting things underway. I am also studying your planting guide page to make sure I don't start things too early or too late.

    The thing that I haven't nailed down is how, when, and how much to fertilize seedlings. This part is very confusing. Do you mix anything into your seed mix?

    Best regards,

    p.s. I have been looking at your photography, which is out of this world! Very interesting and colorful photos … you have a great eye for photography.

  • Chris, I use Miracle Gro (or other) seed starter mix, which has the fertilizer already mixed in. I will post all about how I start my seeds when I do it. Or look back at last February.

    Here are some posts to look at:
    Planting shelf and lights: Feb 10,2009
    Plant trays and soil: Feb 11, 2009
    Watering: Feb 13, 2009

  • PS.

    With this mix you do not need to worry about fertilizing the seedlings.

    Fertilize after they are in the garden if you haven't prepared your soil well ahead of time with manure, compost etc.

  • Nice that Territorial sends extra seeds for donating. Although, I think for me it's a question of a lack of space more than a lack of seed. Maybe they could start sending extra gardening space for donating food. Haha.


  • so true Matt. I can use all the carrots I have room to grow.

  • I'll have to look at Territorial seeds for future seeds, that's neat they do that! I actually just signed up for a free seed packet from an online seed place to solely grow for local food abnk, fantastic idea.


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