February field

february field

This is Rock Meadow, the big open field next to the community gardens. There are gradual signs of spring here. Some buds are swelling, the chickadees are singing, and lots of robins are hopping about the shorter mowed areas apparently finding edibles. Our snow has nearly disappeared, even as the mid-Atlantic is being buried today. We have 5-inches predicted in the middle next week.

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  • I was wondering if your area was getting snow today. We had all blue sky's today and are in for snow next week as well.

  • Chikedees and robins sound good. I love to have birds in my garden and hear them sing.

  • We have missed several of the big snow storms that the mid atlantic states have gotten this year. Over all, not so much snow here this year. I hear Vancouver (though far from us) is the same and is rapidly trucking in snow for the Winter Olympics coming up soon.

  • Keep us posted on your snowstorms, Kathy. I hear the Virginia area had over 2 feet of snow, and there are power outages and even evacuations! That's highly unusual for Virginia.


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