“my” pumpkin soup recipe


My favorite pumpkin soup recipe is from a little book: Holiday Pumpkins by Georgeanne Brennan and Jennifer Barry. A very cute book with a bunch of nice pumpkiny ideas. But the soup is exceptional. Nice and simple: pumpkin, leeks and ginger. Optional cilantro and cream garnish. I made it for Thanksgiving a while back and served it in the pumpkin shell. I’m planning to do the same again this year.

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  • There are also some lovely caribbean pumpkin soup traditions, mostly in Jamaica, and warmed up with Scotch Bonnet chillis! Phew!

  • Thanks a lot for the link with recipe. I love meals from pumpkin a lot and I try to persuade my wife to make them more often. One of my most favorite meals is the pumpkin pie from my grandmother. However, despite the fact that Thanksgiving in Canada was few weeks ago I believe that my wife will make this soup soon.

    Good luck,

  • How are things going with the pirate site?

    I ran across the following when I was roaming around the web, dunno if it will help:

    "you can always run an RSS footer plugin with a copyright notice and a link back to your blog. That way, it also lets Google know it's your content, and not the scraper's."

    I looked at his site, and he does have your pumpkin soup entry but it's empty of content.

  • Thank you Karen Anne. I will try this. I have go to a short RSS feed, which is not so nice for readers as they get no photos.

  • Kathy, I have given you an award on my blog. Thank you for your inspiration and support not just in my blog but in my first-time gardening endeavors. You rock!


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