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I started with the first recipe contributed on my beet post: borscht. Never having made borscht before, I was surprised by the combination beets, celery, garlic, carrots and dill. I even found a last sprig of dill in the garden. It was easy to make. And tasted great.

While I was cooking, I made my favorite squash recipe from the first garden Butternut I’ve used this season.

Carys’ Boscht Recipe:
“I make borscht with cubed beets, carrots, sliced celery, garlic, lots of dill (seed and weed), salt, pepper. You can add cabbage if you like, but I don’t. Simmer just until everything is tender. Don’t overcook, because it makes the colour less pretty and the flavour less vivid. Serve hot or cold. You can add a spoonful of sourcream or yogurt if desired, and a snip of fresh dill.” (Thanks Carys!)

My Squash Recipe:
Peel and cube half a Butternut squash. Bake squash and a sweet potato at 400*F til tender (about 40 min for squash, 20 min for sweet potato). Peel sweet potato. Puree baked sweet potato and squash together with butter and salt.

baking squash
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