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These are the vegetables I harvested on Sunday. Four big hairy celeriac roots (below is before I trimmed the them), a couple potatoes, a couple red cabbage. Also some nice lettuce and escarole and a bunch of baby bok choy.

The celeriac are one of the first crops planted and the last ones harvested. Very slow growing. I planted Feb 21, harvested Oct 31. Almost 9 months in the ground.


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  • Hi Kathy,

    I have been reading you blog all summer and waiting for winters here in India to arrive! And now with temperatures finally reaching a minimum of 16 deg. C…. not winters exactly , I shall be going down to the nursery to buy seeds for the salad veggies.
    One thing that really surprised me is that I have had a celery plant growing in the shade since September '08!! and the most surprising thing is, that it survived the heat wave, the unbearable summer ( 48 deg C). Tastes really good though. I only snip off whatever I need and don't uproot it.

  • Kathy, does celeriac taste like celery? It sure looks interesting!


  • What do you use celeriac for?

  • I'm with the others…what does one do with celeriac?

  • wow, 9 months? I wonder if I got a deep enough container if they would grow in it, seeing as my garden is so small I'd hate to take up part of it for 9 months :/
    I did read online celeriac tastes like celery, and is used in soups a lot. Is that how you plan on using them? It almost looks like you can slice them thin enough and make 'potato' chips 🙂

  • Those bok choy must be a different variety from the ones I sent? They look excellent. The ones I planted for fall succumbed to slugs, pesky little things! Celeriac did really well too, I think I am going to try them next year.

  • Dan,

    These bok choy were in the Sand Hill Fall greens mix. I've planted this three years now and FINALLY planted it early enough to get a harvest. Its a good mix. frissee, several Chinese cabbage, kales and arugula.

    The bok choy seem very much like yours. One was starting to bolt. I have no slugs left. They can be a real problem.

  • That does sound like a nice mix. They are much whiter stemmed then the ones we grew this spring, very nice.


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