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harvest shell beans
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This is my harvest from Thursday. The last of my cucumbers, broccoli, beans, a few onions, a small cabbage and big bunches of parsley, sage and thyme.

The broccoli looked nice, but wasn’t good. It had frosted a bit and was mushy after cooking. I’ll remember to pick this before temps go low next year.

The bright red beans are Tongue of Fire shell beans. I shelled a few to see how they look. Green beans are mostly Fortex. A few Purple beans too. I got tired of eating fresh green beans some time ago and left these on the vines. If we get around to eating them soon, we’ll eat them as shell beans. Probably I’ll let them all dry and use later. (They go great with kale soup in December!)

The bowl on the far right are Shungwang’s Chinese pole beans. They aren’t available commercially (as far as I can tell). I’m very happy to have successfully saved a bunch. I’ll let these dry in the pods til I plant the seeds again next year. Its my favorite green bean for taste, crisp and lemony, and I’d like to make sure I keep a supply of these.

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  • What an excellent fall harvest! The broccoli looks yummy. I picked a few side shoots the other day, looks like the last of it until next spring. Is it next spring yet…


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