Beantown Seedsavers Seed Collection Event this Saturday


>> From: Erica Lafountain
>> Subject: Beantown Seedsavers Seed Collection Event 11/7 12-2
>> The Beantown Seedsavers are a new group of people with an interest
>> in encouraging local seed saving to develop a source for diverse,
>> acclimatized, disease resistant plants that are delicious,
>> medicinal, and/or beautiful.
>> If you have saved seeds in the recent past and would like to share
>> some of them with others, please come to the Beantown Seedsavers
>> Seed Collection event on November 7th from 12-2. Please bring the
>> seeds in an envelope or baggie to the corner of Lamartine st. and
>> Chestnut terrace near the Stonybrook T stop in Jamaica Plain (see
>> directions below).
>> At the drop off: We will ask you to fill out a form with some
>> specifics about your seed, or you can save time by downloading the
>> attachment from this email and filling it out ahead of time.
>> After the drop off: We will create a SEED LIBRARY by dividing your
>> seed into small portions (each with the information you provided
>> about it, and directions for saving it) and making the seed
>> available in the early spring to anyone who would like to try
>> “growing out” and replenishing the seed.
>> We would especially love to see any seeds with cultural or genetic
>> significance, ex: a vegetable from abroad that grows well here, a
>> tomato that seemed to survive the blight this year, or anything
>> that you think tastes especially good!
>> Get seeds, get involved: If you would like to be contacted in the
>> spring when the saved seed library is open to anyone, or if you
>> would like to be part of organizing the library, events, or related
>> workshops please send me an email to let me know:
>> Directions: The drop off will be hosted by the garden at the corner
>> of Lamartine St. and Chestnut Terrace, across the street from the
>> Southwest Corridor Park by Stonybrook Station. If you’re coming
>> from Stonybrook station on the Orange line, you can just follow
>> Lamartine St. with the park to your left (going towards Green St &
>> Forest Hills). Chestnut Terrace is a little dead-end residential
>> street that will be on your right about a block from the T station.
>> Your notice our garden with the kale and leeks and lots of
>> woodchips. There is drinking water and bathroom access within
>> walking distance at the Brewery complex.

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